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Iodobenzene Diacetate / (Diacetoxyiodo)benzene FAQs


01Structure of Iodobenzene Diacetate?

structure iodobenzene diacetate

02What is the Description of Iodobenzene Diacetate?

Ans:- Iodobenzene diacetate (CAS No. 3240-34-4) / (Diacetoxyiodo)benzene is a white to light yellow crystal powder.

03What are other names of Iodobenzene Diacetate?

Ans:- It is also referred to as phenyliodoso acetate, phenyliodosyl diacetate, and diacetoxyiodobenzene

04What is solubility of Iodobenzene Diacetate

Ans:-It is insoluble in water and is light sensitive.

05What is the Molecular Formula of Iodobenzene Diacetae?

Ans:- Iodobenzene diacetate’s molecular formula is C10H11IO4

06What is the Molecular Weight of Iodobenzene Diacetate?

Ans:-the molecular weight is 322.0964.

07What is The ideal storage temperature is Iodobenzene diacetate?

Ans:- The temperature of Iodobenzene diacetate is -20°C.

08Iodobenzene diacetate is used for which type of Reactions?

Ans:-iodobenzene diacetate is a useful reagent in the synthesis of a large variety of heterocyclic compounds.

09What are the Raw Material used in Synthesis?

Ans:-The key raw materials used to make iodobenzene diacetate are acetic anhydride, hydrogen peroxide, acetic acid, iodobenzene, and acetic acid glacial. Any fluctuation in their supplies and prices impacts the growth prospects of the iodobenzene diacetate industry.

10Iodobenze Diacetate Belongs to which Hazardous Class?

Ans:- it belongs to the hazard class 6.1(b and is classified as an irritant to the eyes, skin, and the respiratory system. Safety guidelines while handling this chemical include avoiding inhalation and swallowing of dust.

11What safety measures should be Provided during Iodobenzene Diacetate Manufacturing?

Ans:-Manufacturers must ensure that workers wear suitable protective clothing including gloves, eyewear, masks, etc. Stringent environmental and worker safety regulations, particularly in the developed regions including North America and Europe, could pose a hurdle for expansion of the industry.

12What are the main consumers by Geographical Location of Iodobenzene Diacetate?

Ans:-North America, Europe, and Asia (particularly China were the main geographical consumers in the iodobenzene diacetate industry. China is expected to be a lucrative market for the chemical owing to a high population, booming economy, and industrialization.

13 Which are the established supplier in Global & Chinese Market?

Ans:-Established suppliers in the global and Chinese iodobenzene diacetate industry are Suzhou Highfine Biotech Co. Ltd., Sichuan Ruibo Technology Co. Ltd., INTATRADE GmbH, J & K Scientific Ltd., SiChuang NanBU Honesty Technology Ltd., Tianyuan Natural Product Co. Ltd., Creasyn Finechem (Tianjin Co. Ltd., Future Industrial Shanghai Co. Ltd., 3B Pharmachem (Wuhan International Co. Ltd., and Meryer (Shanghai Chemical Technology Co. Ltd.